Day 10:

28 February 2017
“Today was another extremely productive day. We got lots of stuff done including finishing up our financial projections, our PowerPoint, and our research into the UAE. The day started with going to DTech in Silicon Oasis. Silicon Oasis is an entire smart city that is all connected through technology. The tour was interesting and it was cool to see what an actual working environment looks like for many different start-ups in the UAE. The highlight of the trip was playing foosball with Lakshmi and Sofia. I lost unfortunately, but only by a point or two. Afterwards we traveled back into downtown and visited the Huawei Open Lab. I won’t lie, the cameras and face-recognition tech made this was a very creepy yet interesting experience. At this point everyone was starving and I started to feel ill; I suspect I’d picked up a cold. We got back to CUD and straight back to working on our pitches for tomorrow’s competition. I’m excited to finally present our ideas to the judges.”

Chris Bright


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