Day 8

26 February 2017

“The day opened with the regular 20 or so minute bus ride to CUD which was followed by a quick work session on our presentation as Osman was hearing out the business models and discussing the finer details of all the projects. We worked for as long as we had before we left for the emirate of Ras Al-Khaima, the northernmost of all the emirates, with qualities all of its own. Ras Al-Khaima is also connected by the Sheik Zayed highway that connects Abu Dhabi to Dubai, Sharjah, and Umm Al-Quaim. It boasts lower cost of living and land and more water resources (and mountains) than the other emirates, being a large portion of much of the country’s agriculture. Much information was presented to us at the Ras Al-Khaima Free Trade Zone (RAFTZ) as one of the reasons why this emirate is a good place to operate a business followed by details of the services RAKFTZ can provide. The meeting was informative and much was learned in our discussions thereafter with Aseeb Adbul Khader, a VP of Marketing a the company.
After a lunch at a Afghani-style resturant, we drove back to CUD in Dubai to work for the rest of the day. At CUD, we worked with our consultant, Amruta discussing the details of water quality and necessary steps to ensure good growth over the entire growth cycle. We also met with Dr. Chris Enyinda, who holds PhDs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management as well as in Applied Economics, who advised us in some marketing and logistic aspects of StackFarm.”

– Revant Kumar


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