Day 5:

23 February 2017

“The day started out productive as we took a shuttle bus to CUD in the morning at around 9:30am. At CUD we got an informative, enthusiastic lecture for Dr. Anas about creating our business model canvas. This was followed by work time. Lunch at Zaatar w Zeit was delicious again; I really like that place. The long bus ride to New York University of Abu Dhabi allowed us to discuss our plan and allowed me time to catch up on some sleep. NYU Abu Dhabi was very nice; I was surprised at how few students went there and how big the campus was. Robyn, a representative for StartAD, gave an informative presentation and brought up some great criticisms about our idea involving maintenance considerations. From there we went to Saadiyat Beach Club which was a great sight to see. It was such a lovely beach and environment. The heated pool was so nice that I wanted to jump in there myself. Dinner was good and the environment is perfect for good conversations and RGIC bonding.”

– Chris Bright


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