Day 2

20 February 2017

“This day began shortly after the last finished, or at least that’s what it felt like for my body. I got ready haphazardly and went down to the lobby to meet the rest of the group. We took a Canadian University of Dubai (CUD) bus to their campus and had breakfast at a nearby restaurant called Zaltar w Zeit. The food was delicious. There was a heavy cheese focus to many of their dishes. We then had a little opening ceremony between the 18 students, Osman, the CUD students that are working with us, and some key board members and faculty that helped to orchestrate this collaboration. We met out consultants, Amruta, Bilkhair, and Abdullah, students from the CUD who will be providing us with advice and valuable context that only local residents can give. Talking to the students was extremely helpful, not only in terms of government dealings and commercial context, but also because they provided a lot of perspective on the family lives of the emirate.

After our work session with the CUD students, we had a personal building exercise conducted by Leena from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). After lunch, we took the metro to the Dubai mall where we learned that they have separate subways cars for men and women. The walk from the metro stop to the mall itself was likely well over 500 m. The mall was enormous; very upscale, 4 levels, an indoor aquarium, and a footprint larger than the Eaton Centre’s. Our tired legs enjoyed absolutely wonderful food at a Lebanese restaurant. We saw the Burj in all its magnificence as the lights along it’s entire height change colour and patterns. At full illumination, it looked like a shining needle coming out of the Earth.”

– Revant Kumar


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