Day 1

19 February 2017

“The day started at terminal three of Pearson International Airport where we were greeted by kind and courteous Etihad airline staff. To our surprise, we received complimentary gift bags with tickets to Yas Water World and Ferrari World which we all greatly appreciated! Our flight was long but definitely worth it; I made conversation with the man next to me and we spoke about the Arab world, religion, and business ideas. I ended up getting his contact information and hope to speak with him again someday.

When we’d finally arrived in Abu Dhabi, I was impressed by the scope of the land; everything seemed so large and vast that it felt overwhelming. I was particularly intrigued by the seemingly endless dessert terrain as I’d never been to this part of the world before. While on the bus to the Etihad mall, my group and I took notes regarding our surroundings and chatted about where we could possibly see our hydroponics system being deployed. There are lots of apartment complexes and empty space, which is perfect for our project. Driving into Dubai, I was surprised at how spaced out the skyscrapers were as compared with densely-packed Toronto. Our residence was also more spacious than I’d anticipated. I am looking forward to spending the next two weeks in this living space. The mall where we ate had great food and a fun atmosphere to be in. Overall it was a great first day of the trip and I eagerly anticipate the upcoming weeks.”

– Christopher Bright



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